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Oh, hi. I'm Holly. I may be almost 30, but I relate with the 80-somethings of this world. I have a wonderful husband who I love (despite being a Chicago Bears fan) and a new baby boy! Design is my passion. I love creating everything from logos, to wedding invitations, marketing materials to art prints for a home. I'd love to help bring your idea to life.. or just chat over a coffee. I'm flexible.

I got my B.A. at UW-Platteville in design & photography. I originally wanted to be a civil engineer, but quickly (just kidding, it took me 3 years) found out I wanted a different career path. But, I'm grateful for my engineering experience because it makes me a better designer with a unique perspective. Basically, I'm good at math and math is important for everything.

I have many passions. My non-job-related hobbies/interests include:


• Wonder Woman everything

• Playing piano

• Letterpress EVERYTHING

• Crafting, like all of them. No really, any kind of craft.

• Listening to stand-up comedy

• Did I mention coffee?

Let's be friends!



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